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  • Sorte Lundorf base luffer i skind til kvinder Sorte Lundorf base luffer i skind til kvinder
    -DKK 274,00
    Ladies mittens in soft and strong goat leather

    Lovely warm and strong mittens in goat leather for ladies. Warm fleece lining. There may be small imperfections with the mittens.   The mittens have a warm thickness against the wind. The thinner fleece lining is in the palm so it is easy to grip things. These mittens are good for all outdoor weather activites from cycling, walking in the woods, playing...

    DKK 45,20 DKK 319,20 -DKK 274,00
  • Lundorf Melissa Ladies Gloves Italian with cuff - wool/fleece Lundorf Melissa Ladies Gloves Italian with cuff - wool/fleece
    Melissa beautiful ladies gloves in wool with stretch

    Melissa soft stretch glove with 55% wool. Sitting very well in the hand and makes it easy to hold a grip. A 2 in 1 glove as it can be extended by folding the cuff when it's extra cold. You will never forget these gloves, once you've tried them on. Lovely soft Italian lady stretch gloves from Lundorf. Here you get a lot for your money. One-size fits to...

    DKK 95,68 DKK 239,20 -60%
  • Rosalia handsker Rosalia handsker
    Lundorf Bianca beautifully dotted Womens gloves - wool

    Lundorf Bianca beautifully dotted Womens gloves - wool

    DKK 199,20
  • Lundorf Base børne skindluffer Lundorf Base børne skindluffer
    Lundorfs children’s soft leather mittens

    Lundorfs warm and wonderful mittens for children - soft goatskin – warm dual-function fleece lining.   There may be small imperfections. The length of 19 cm is a medium size, and slightly longer when they are a larger size. Lovely warm mittens for children. Thick lining over the back of the hand for extra warmth. Thin and flexible lining over the palm...

    DKK 90,72 DKK 151,20 -40%
  • Romana Romana
    -DKK 250,00
    Romana half-length ladies Metis leather glove

    You sense the quality even before you pull the glove on. The soft Metis leather is in a class of its own. The quality reaches out to the fingertips, where the fine wool lining provides warmth. The leather is black with elegant details in contrasting colours. The cuff and the sewing in the sleeve, which runs along the little finger, is coloured so that it...

    DKK 229,20 DKK 479,20 -DKK 250,00
  • Laura hat i fin uld med fine detaljer Laura hat i fin uld med fine detaljer
    Laura ladies hat in wool with multicolored edges and fine...

    One size stretch hat. Can be worn pulled down over the ears No need to worry about having a good head for hats as virtually anyone can use these hats :-) Beautiful hat with multicolored edges. The hat can be flattened so it is easy to pack in your suitcase 20% wool and 80% polyester  

    DKK 239,20

From Denmark with glove

It is love at first touch – the first time you feel the leather and the lining embrace your hands. The perfect fit tells you that every detail is deliberate. And due to the high-quality materials, the love will last a long, long time.

Lundorf gloves come from Denmark but have become a global love story. You are in our hearts and minds when we make gloves. And so are the environment and our fellow men.



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