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  • Lundorf Christiano Men's Gloves Wild boar skin - Unlined Lundorf Christiano Men's Gloves Wild boar skin - Unlined
    Christiano - unlined gentleman’s glove in exclusive wild...

    Wild boar leather is one of the strongest materials you can have around your hands. Each glove has its own uniqueness with small natural details from the wild animal. Wild boar skin is one of the most expensive skins that can be purchased. In time you will give them your own mark and the glove can keep a bit of everything. The thick leather and the soft...

    DKK 399,60 DKK 999,00 -60%
  • Lundorf Officer Gloves Men's Gloves Goatskin - Unlined Lundorf Officer Gloves Men's Gloves Goatskin - Unlined
    Officer glove in white leather - dress up your hands at...

    A real gentleman throws away the kid gloves and goes to a party in Lundorfs white gala gloves. The glove is short, unlined and sits well on your hand. When you put your hands in the soft and supple goatskin, it turns up your style. Straighten your back and walk through the door. Whether you are going to a gala dinner, New Year's reception, a ball or an...

    DKK 299,60 DKK 749,00 -60%
  • Licio kørehandsker Licio kørehandsker
    Licio - handsome mens driving gloves in leather

    Classically designed driving gloves for men. Licio is sewn in soft Metis leather that fits close on your hand. This driving glove has a button closure and holes at the knuckles, making it easy to clench your hand. Small ventilation holes push the comfort as high as your driving pleasure. Have a great trip! An unlined glove such as this may feel a bit...

    DKK 259,60 DKK 649,00 -60%
All our unlined leather gloves.

Nordic design made with a warm heart

It is love at first touch – the first time you feel the leather and the lining embrace your hands. The perfect fit tells you that every detail is deliberate. And due to the high-quality materials, the love will last a long, long time.

Lundorf gloves come from Denmark but have become a global love story. You are in our hearts and minds when we make gloves. And so are the environment and our fellow men.



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